Well despite the best-intended management practices I described in the last post, the bees swarmed. I was weeding the raspberries and thought ‘boy there’s a lot of buzzing – the bees must love the lilacs!’ I turned around to look at the lilacs and there was a whole ball of bees! The good news is we saw the swarm and were able to capture it. We took some video which I have edited together. (note, the dates are actually one day earlier than listed – I was getting ahead of myself while editing!)  We caught the bees in the one remaining box we had and frantically went out to buy a new hive. We assembled the hive that night and Rob transferred the bees to the full new hive body. We now have 4 full size hives (one on foundation with the newly caught swarm), and 4 nucs. Quite the budding apiary!