Dizzying Heights and Stinging Insects

Ok, after a year of blogging with Margaret, I got myself my own blog invite for posting to our Beekeeping / Honey Bee Blog.  Two of my favorite sites online have posted links to this page, and so let me jump on the bandwagon!

Here’s a link to pictures of people(s) around the world living off the grid, specifically to one of my favorite apiarian subjects, Nepalese Honey Hunters.


As someone who’s a rock climber, something about combining high places with the largest honey bee in the world has an intense draw for me. 

The series of pictures have a sense, or theme, of age to them, as the persons hunting the honey are fairly old, using a tradition that must be extremely old.  The last few photos even show men holding what looks to be a Brown Bess or other ancient firearms (not that one would use these to collect honey).