Building a new home

A quick update on our former ‘house bees’. It’s been just over a week since we took the bees out of a wall of the house and they seem to be adjusting to their new life quite well. Here they are when we first opened the box:

You can see the rubber bands are still in place but they are starting to attach the combs to the frames. I was able to remove the whole frame and rotate it to inspect.

 Some frames had more brood and bees than others – as it was when we took them out of the house. I did not find the queen but I did find some eggs. A few of the frames were stuck together and I separated them. In nature bees build where ever they want, but here we want then to line up with the frames So while we want the

The bees were even drawing some new comb. Below you can see some new comb and capped honey.